Week in Review

This has been a LONG week, it seems like. I guess all the thrush stuff has been tiring. Mollie has been more irritable this week, and we're hoping that it's due to her mouth hurting. I mean, we don't want her mouth to hurt, but we'd rather this yucky mood be due to that if it does hurt rather than just a new personality trait, you know?

Yesterday after Natalie had breakfast, I asked her what she wanted to do and gave her some options. She said she wanted to play with blocks. I realized right as she said that that I had some laundry that HAD to go into the dryer and some things I was supposed to sterilize. I asked her if she wanted to help me in the kitchen first. She happily agreed and proceeded to drag a chair from the table up to the counter so she could help. ;) So, I worked on things while she stood and talked to me. She found a big container of plums on the counter and really wanted one, so I cut it up for her. She calls them "tums," which sounds a LOT like "tim" which is how she says Kim. Kim came over for dinner Thursday, so it's been hard discerning if Natalie is hoping Kim will come back or in need of a plum, but I digress. ;) So we finished up our kitchen stuff, and Natalie went into the living room. I sat down at the computer to send a quick email, and Natalie came back to me and wanted a "bah." I was baffled. I kept asking her what she meant, and she kept repeating the same word, but she said it wasn't a ball that she wanted. I asked her to show me, and she took my hand (LOVE this!) and led me to her toys . . . and the blocks. Sheesh! I had totally forgotten about our plan! She does not forget anything!!! So, we started to play with blocks, but quickly moved on to puzzles because, after all, she is only not-quite-two and doesn't always know what she really wants. ;) We had fun puzzling though. :)

Here are some photos of her eating her "tums" in the kitchen.
Natalie and Brad have this "thing" where they look at each other sideways and then a chase commences. Natalie thinks this side-looking-face is hilarious. Oftentimes, she'll be sitting at the table and say, "Luh, Mommy!" so I look, and below is the face that I'm met with. I can't help it, it cracks me up every.single.time. Below that, just for fun, is Mollie's take on "the face." :)

Here's a story from Brad - I'm recounting it for him, so hopefully I get it right. :)

Yesterday, Brad officially received a really cool award at work (yay Brad!!!!), so we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate. This just goes to show how much your life changes with TWO kids - we decided the best option would be to go to the food court at Quail Springs Mall because it's a bit of a drive, there are lots of options, Natalie would enjoy it, and it would be loud and no one would notice much if Mollie wasn't totally happy. Then we could walk around at the mall a bit. Somehow, we keep forgetting that we apparently have one of the only babies on the planet that doesn't enjoy car rides. Or maybe we just keep persisting, hoping she'll get used to it. No such luck yet. Mollie was not happy most of the way there, but Brad managed to get her to calm down by rocking her infant seat once we got there. So we made it to the food court, got our food, and were pleasantly surprised that one of the "car" tables had just become free - score! Mollie decided to give us just exactly enough time to eat before she got upset, so that worked well. We were able to eat and Natalie really had fun. After we cleaned up, we tried pushing Mollie in the stroller, but she still wasn't happy. It was getting close to mealtime for her, so I decided to take her to the car and feed her there. While I did that, Brad took Natalie to this little play area in the mall. It's not much to get excited about, but Natalie enjoyed it. One of the "attractions" there is a plastic 2-person boat. When they got there, a little girl who was probably about 4 was sitting in the boat playing patty-cake with . . . well, no one. :) Natalie went over to the boat and used ALL her might to get into it on her own. The little girl asked her if she knew how to play, and she just loooooooked at the girl, then looked back at Brad with a huge grin. He just laughed. The little girl continued to play alone and Natalie stayed in the boat. After a bit, the little girl, a bit confused, asked Natalie if she could even talk at all. Natalie just looked at Brad and grinned HUGELY again, as if to say, "Daddy, get a load of this girl! She's talking to me!" But she never really talked back to the girl. It's so funny that she's just so used to seeing the world through us that she's not totally aware that the world is aware of her too! ;) :)


  1. the pictures are so cute!! :) i LOVE your stories!! :)

  2. It is amazing how our choices change when there are children involved. I love "Brad's" story of Natalie.