How Time Flies #467

Tomorrow is the big JBF consignment sale - yay! Brad brought down our tubs of 3-6 and 6-9 month baby clothes so that I could see if we need any winter clothes for Miss Mollie or if we're covered. As I was going through them, I had such fond memories of Natalie in the little outfits, and I can hardly believe that my beautiful girl who sings the ABC song with me and begs and pleads to go "A-Zoo" and "Ah-side" is the same little being who sat, smiled, and drooled all over these tiny clothes just mere months ago. It's just amazing. I found myself looking at some of the 6-9 month clothes, going, "Seriously?! Mollie is going to be wearing these kind of soon? I think Natalie just outgrew them!" *sigh* Time flies!!!!

Oh, and I have to address my excitement over the fact that Mollie was awake next to me, cooing happily as I sorted clothes and talked to her. Yay for awake time during the DAY!!

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  1. I dropped off stuff yesterday at JBF and I get to shop at 3:00 today. I am so excited! I'm sure we will find some awesome deals!