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I'm desperately trying to record some of the smart and funny things that Natalie's been doing. Here are some gems:

  • She was sitting on my lap scribbling with a pen on a discarded piece of junk mail. She tapped me and said, "Ook, Mommy! A-plane!" She was so proud and seriously thought her scribble looked just like an airplane. ;) Then she said, "Oh! A baby!" and made another little scribble next to the "plane."
  • She really likes airplanes - for some reason lately, she will just say out of the blue, "TWO a-planes!!!" We have yet to figure out what she means or why she says it!
  • And one more airplane story - she has a travel-sized MagnaDoodle. The other day while I was feeding Mollie, she brought it to me and asked me to draw different things, so we did that for quite a while. Then she took it back from me and drew an "a-plane." Brad got home from work, looked at the MagnaDoodle and said, "I see Natalie's been drawing airplanes for you?" I was cracking up that he knew what her airplanes look like (because they seriously don't look like airplanes). ;) :)
  • She was coloring a picture today of 3 flamingos. I told her that they were called flamingos, and she said, "Oh, yah. Mingos!" and started counting them, "Mingos! One, two, free, fo-ah, six, seben, et, niiii, ten, leben!" I actually think she was grasping the concept of counting them with the 1-2-3, but then got carried away with the counting.
  • She loves to sing the ABC song . . . however, she starts with Q, skips R, and kind of mumbles the rest. It's SO cute though!
  • Last night, she was giving her babies bubble baths in the bathtub. She took three babies into the big bathtub and was pretending to wash them. She asked Brad for soap and he pretended to give her some, which was absolutely fine with her. She got pretend soap from him repeatedly.
  • She's all about doing things herself lately. Out of the blue, she'll tell me, "My doooit!" when I try to help her with something I usually help her with. I've learned to start asking her if she needs help, and I say, "Do you need help? Or you got it?" I know, not the greatest way to phrase it, but I guess that's the way I talk. ;) So today when she was trying to get up into bed for her nap, I asked her if she needed help. She replied, "I goddit."
  • Another phrase that I'm sure she's picked up from me . . . she was "reading" me a book the other day, and she kept flipping through the pages and mumbling something, as if she were looking for something in particular. I kept asking her if I could read it (trying to expedite the pre-nap process that had gone on long enough that day), when I realized she was saying the same thing over and over, and I was laughing when I figured out what it was: "Hod on . . . (pause) minnit. Hod on . . . (pause) minnit."

Well, I'm sure there are TONS more, but that's all I've got for now. :)

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