Sleeping & Stretching

Earlier this evening, I had to wake Mollie up to eat, and she decided to stretch, stretch, stretch, and then fall back asleep! This is pretty unusual! Usually she stretches, fills her diaper, then she's ready to eat. Did I mention we have to give her sufficient time to do this before every feeding or we'll end up having to change 3 diapers before I get to feed her? It's insane the amount of diapers we go through. We have used well over 300 diapers at this point! That is just crazy!

It's hard to really see here, but the above photo shows what is affectionately referred to in our household as "crazy-mad-scientist-hair," and this example is certainly not the worst of it. ;)
I alllllmost caught an allllllmost smile above. It's coming soon, I just know it!

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