My Morning with Natalie

This morning, Mollie pretty much went right to sleep after her first feeding, so Natalie and I had lots of time to play together. After she got dressed, I somehow managed to convince her to let me do her hair in a fun way. I let her play with the package of tiny plastic hair bands. She got them everywhere, but her hair is adorable AND she even helped me "EEN UP!" I was thrilled since she usually fights me every single step with her hair - and that's why it is always down and semi-messy. ;) Oh, and it's been FOREVER since I even attempted to do her hair, and I cannot believe how long and thick it's gotten. So neat!

Once her hair was done, I convinced her to let me take pictures - something else that she hasn't been too interested in lately. We had a lot of fun, and I think I got a bunch of cute shots. Can't believe our (older) baby is going to be 2 in less than a month. She's growing into such a fun little girl!

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  1. gorgeous pictures of the sweet ms nat!! :) loved seeing them :) :)