This morning after breakfast and a nice little bath for Miss Mollie, I decided to take the girls on a walk. Mollie wanted to take a nap, and Natalie wanted to go "ah-side," and the weather is really mild today (it was like 75 at the time!), so I figured a walk was the logical solution. Because it didn't seem too warm and Mollie isn't always too fond of the carseat that locks into the double stroller, I decided to wear Mollie in the Moby and just put Natalie in the single stroller. It worked well since Natalie seems a little more content to just sit in that one, Mollie is always happy in the Moby, and that stroller has cupholders where I can put all my stuff - phone, garage door opener, etc. Well, it was a tad too warm and a lot too humid ;) to really make it enjoyable to carry Mollie that way, but we powered through it. Mollie was asleep within seconds of beginning on the walk, Natalie was happy the whole way, and we were out for a whole 30 minutes! ;) I'm sure we were a sight to see!

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