Long Overdue - Ennekings Visit Photos!

Well, Matt, Sheila, Kara, and Elizabeth have been home now for almost a week, and I have just now gotten the chance to go through the pictures that we took while they were here. Brad and Natalie kept very busy with our guests doing something new and fun every day! Mollie and I stayed home a lot, but we did venture out sometimes. During the visit, they went to the Oklahoma City Zoo (Natalie's favorite thing to do), the Museum of Natural History, Rudy's BBQ, the Western Heritage Museum, and Incredible Pizza - and then there was plenty of playing outside in the sand or water, swimming at the hotel, and playing indoors, too, of course. If it just weren't for these toddler's extreme need for pesky naps, the girls would have gotten along perfectly the whole time I think. They really seemed to enjoy playing together. Unfortunately, Natalie still had Aubrey on the brain and despite lots of gentle, good-natured correction, she insisted on calling both Kara and Elizabeth "Aubrey." *sigh* :)

It was lots of fun to introduce Mollie to so much family so soon! Here are a TON of pictures from the visit - and these don't even include the Museum of Natural History since we didn't have the camera there!

At the OKC Zoo
Mollie Hanging Out at Home
Incredible Pizza
Natalie's first trip here and her first (stolen from Daddy) Icee
Western Heritage Museum
In Their Tutu Jammies

Charlet got these matching PJs for the girls, and they were in love. We had them wear them to watch "Dance Show" aka So You Think You Can Dance. They were a huge hit!

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