One Month & More

Miss Mollie Grace is ONE month old today! It's so hard to believe! While there is still lots of adjusting going on, I feel like we are settling in to a new "normal." I took Mollie to her one-month appointment yesterday, and she now weighs 9.02 pounds! That means she's gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks! Yay! This means that we have the total OK from the doctor to let her sleep as long as she wants to at night . . . which means our doctor is my new best friend! To make sure she was getting more than enough fluids, the doctor wanted us to wake her after 4-5 hours at night because of some slight jaundice she was still seeing a couple weeks ago. It killed me to wake her every night and then try to feed a sleepy baby. I am so excited to let her sleep now! We were blessed to have a really awesome night last night! This good news totally overshadowed the fact that before they called us back, I got pooped on in the waiting room. Hardly any got on Mollie, and of course I had an extra outfit for her but not for ME! It's the first time that's happened to me with Mollie. Ah, the joys of motherhood. She was pretty fussy for the entire appointment, and I was telling Brad that I must have really mellowed and wizened up or something because if Natalie had pooped all over at an appointment at that age and then been fussy the whole time and I was by myself, I would have been a nervous wreck, but this time, I was like, yeah whatever. It happens! Yay for mellowing! ;) :)

So Mollie is still a great eater and sleeper, and she's finally happy being awake a little more each day. She is another baby who needs to be swaddled, but that's ok. We're used to it from Natalie. Brad's an awesome swaddler, but I am not, so we got a couple cotton SwaddleMe blankets so that helps me a lot! Mollie's got a nice case of baby acne right now, as you can see. It peaks between weeks 4 & 6, so hopefully it won't be around too much longer - and it could get worse before it gets better, but we're hoping it doesn't. It's a purely cosmetic thing though, so it's not like it matters really. She is really starting to "track" objects that you put in front of her, which is neat. It makes me feel like she's more aware of us, which is good! I am so excited to see a smile - hopefully soon!

The last two photos here are of Natalie sleeping. Just thought it was cute how she sleeps with like a million "babies." Her eyes are open in one, but she must have just opened them for a second, because she was totally asleep. And speaking of Natalie and bedtime, I am enjoying this so much more lately. She had been kind of fighting bedtime for a while, but we're back to our usual routine - and it's even more special I think because she likes me to lie in bed with her and she's trying to "read" the books with us. Our favorite one to read together is Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton (LOVE her!). We giggle and read and sing together and it just makes my heart swell. How did I get to be so blessed?!

First, the obligatory "pink bear" photo:

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