Vintage Nat

Well, here they are. Back by popular demand: the baby carrot pictures. I loooooove these pictures of Natalie, and I thought about posting them, and have been encouraged to do so. So, here are Natalie's Halloween costumes, year by year . . .

2009 @ 25.5 months

2008 @ 13.5 months

2007 @ 6 weeks

And one more carrot for good measure. ;)

Eeeek! OK I know I'm her mom, but seriously. How cute is she?!

Halloween Festivities Part II

Here are some pictures from Trick-or-Treating at Haunt the Zoo Wednesday night. We went with our LifeGroup. The kiddos were really good and seemed to have lots of fun. It was totally insanely crowded though!

Brooke, Natalie, Aiden, & Haylie

Brooke & Natalie

Brooke & Nat, holding hands (possibly Nat's fave part)Natalie & Aunt Kim
Eating "CANDY!!" (it was really an oatmeal cream pie) ;)

Sunny Day

Natalie has been singing more songs lately, and it's so sweet! She loves to sing her ABC's and the Elmo song, but she's added the Sesame Street song and bits of You Are My Sunshine to her repertoire. In fact, lately when I get her up to get ready for the day, it's not uncommon for her to say, "SUN-ny DAY!" and then we sing the rest of the Sesame Street Song. Not a bad way to start your day! Now if only the next 10 minutes of going potty and getting dressed went as cheerily!

These are some quick photos I took while chasing after Natalie in the yard on a recent SUN-ny DAY! She's wearing an adorable hat that my friend Dee Ann crocheted for her! Thanks again Dee Ann!! I wish I could have gotten some closer up shots, but she kept running from me! Toddlers!!


Pumpkin Patch Pics

This morning, we took the girls to the TG Farms pumpkin patch. It's the same farm we've gone to every year since Natalie was born (this is our THIRD year - can you believe that?!), but this time, instead of just shopping and taking a few photos in the front, we actually paid the admission and went into the farm with the pumpkin patch and all the fun stuff. We got to feed animals, climb on slides, quickly try out the corn maze, take a short tractor hay ride, and pick our own pumpkins out of the big patch!

We got the early, and we were afraid it might be too cold, but the weather felt perfect - didn't have to wear coats, just sweaters - and there weren't too many people there. When we left, though, there was a LONG line just to get in!

Natalie had tons of fun! She kept saying that she wanted to feed the cows, but when Brad put the feed in her hands and nudge her closer to them, she would just get nervous and shake her hands and all the feed fell out. She loved climbing the slide and, well, just running around. Most of my photos here are definitely action shots - and half of them, I was just running around taking pictures. We all got a workout! :) Mollie did really well - she was getting hungry when we got there, so we took turns giving her her bottle and she was happy with that. I wish I had gotten a little bit better photo of the two of them together - maybe next year! :) It's hard to imagine a time when BOTH girls will be walking - isn't that funny?!

This last pic is a self-portrait that's a little weird, but not too bad. My black t-shirt and the odd angle makes it look strange - I'm just not too good at taking pics this way!


So I never tried out BabyLegs (basically, baby leg warmers) with Natalie, even though they were the "hot" thing at the time, but someone gave us a pair as a gift for Mollie, and I fell in love. They are SO adorable and much easier than pants for diaper changes and such. They also stay down better and they should grow with her a longer than pants that are sized in the usual 3-month increments - she'll be wearing these much longer than that! Also, they can be worn on your arms under a short-sleeved T-shirt for extra warmth. Since I'm a big fan of the layered-T look, I can't wait to try them on Natalie in that way. :) I just cannot bring myself to pay $10-12 for one pair of BabyLegs, so I found this awesome tutorial online about how to make them yourself out of women's socks. They are SUPER easy! These are some pics of the first pair that I made. I bought 5 pair of women's socks at Target for about $12, so my version is a little more than $2 per pair and maybe 10 minutes of (easy) work. I just love them! :)

Oh, and some of these are just cute pics of Mollie and you can't see the BabyLegs, but she's too cute not to share! :)

Halloween Festivities - Part 1

My women's Bible Study Group (Yirah) had a Halloween party for the kiddos on Friday. Natalie hasn't seen any of the girls or their kids in quite a while, and Katie wasn't able to come because Brooke was sick :( so Natalie took a while to warm up to everyone. It didn't help that some of the older boys had kind of scary masks, but they took them off to show her their true identities ;) and that helped a bit. Mainly, time helped, though, and when it was time to go, she was bargaining with me ("wanna ride horsey, mama!" - a wooden rocking horse Kelly has) and on the verge of throwing a pretty good fit when I finally picked her up to go. Thankfully, she cheered right up once we were out the door and we had a pleasant ride home. :)

During the party, I was kind of tied up feeding Mollie in the beginning, and Natalie decided that Jenny would be her surrogate mom. I owe big thanks to Jenny for helping Natalie to have such a great time! The kids made candy necklaces, skeleton stickers, had lunch, and then made spiders out of ritz crackers and marshmallows - too cute! Natalie is a bit young for most of that, and I kept catching her just eating the ingredients to the crafts. ;) At least they were completely edible!! :)

Look how big Miss Kate Jane is getting! I took photos of Kristin's little Kater when she was a newborn back in January! She kept making funny faces at me for this pic!
Here's the best photo I could get with all the kids in it (minus Mollie, who was sleeping in the Moby wrap - LOVE that thing!). It was kind of chaotic!

Stay tuned for more Halloween pics soon! We are taking the kids in our married LifeGroup trick-or-treating at the Zoo Wednesday night - hopefully I'll get some pics of Mollie in her costume too! ;)