It's a Girl!

I had a rough morning - long story, but drinking tons of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is not the most fun thing to do - but we finally made it to the ultrasound! I thought we'd be late, but we were actually just not early. :) Everything with baby looks normal and healthy (Praise the Lord!!!) although she wasn't too cooperative when it came to getting pictures of her lower spine and private parts! I had to move in a few different positions (including tilted with my head a lot lower than my feet!), and we did get a much better look, but not until the very end. It's exciting to start thinking about names now and planning her nursery decorations and all that good stuff! It also seems a little more real now that we've gotten to really see her - and find out she's a "her!" I can't imagine what another little girl will be like that's not Natalie, if that makes any sense. Most of the sisters I know are so different, so it will be really interesting to see how these two little girls differ - and how they are the same too! Soooo much to look forward to!

Here's her little face - she loved keeping her hands up beside it.
Her sweet profile! You can just barely see the tip of her little nose.
Here's her spine. She's actually laying on her tummy here. This is at the very end of our appointment.
Sweet little feet. She had them crossed at the ankles. Natalie was like this all the time as well!


Nine on Twelve

I missed Feb. 10 for my "Ten on Ten" project, but decided that Feb. 12 was better anyway since it was a Thursday and I was home with Natalie. Here's a look at a semi-normal day for us. :) I had to leave for Bible study and was going to continue the photo process when I got home, but I just got too tired, but at least I got 9 this time!

8:00 am: Natalie awakes! This is an hour later than usual (she NEVER sleeps in like this), but she hasn't been napping well when she's at Katie's (I think she's excited to get up and go play), plus she's been very congested lately, and that kind of takes a toll on ya. I was excited to catch this sweet, sleepy expression.
9:00 am: I was picking up around the house, and Natalie was following me around making messes. ;) At least they were small ones.10:00 am: My dad and step-mom, Sylvia (Papa and Oma to Miss Nat) came by to visit with us this morning. Natalie had lots of fun playing with them.
11:00 am: Natalie developed a slight wheeze yesterday, so back to the doctor it was. She's now back on breathing treatments, but only 2-3 times a day, which is about half of what they wanted us to do last time, Praise the Lord!! She has been tolerating them pretty well. We just sit and watch The Wiggles, and she bops in her seat. Hopefully we'll only have a couple more days of it!
12:00 pm: Daddy is home for lunch with us! Natalie was enjoying some tickling, but as soon as I got out the camera, she was distracted by it.
1:00 pm: Natalie is down for her nap. I used the time to catch up on my reading for Bible study tonight.
2:00 pm: Natalie's still asleep (yay for good naps!), and I do a little more picking up . . .

3:00 pm: Natalie's awake! She disappeared back into her room and returned with not just one purse, but two!
4:00 pm: Brad (aka the best hubby ever) gets off a little early, and gives Natalie her second breathing treatment today while I take a nice bath!!


A Taste of Spring - Part 2

Here are some pictures of Natalie playing outside Friday afternoon with the super cute hat that Gram made for her. I LOVE it!!

A Taste of Spring - Part 1

We were lucky to have a small taste of Spring this week, and Natalie has been loving it! We took her out to play Thursday afternoon, and ended up letting her play with the water just a little bit, then she just ran around in the yard some. When we took her in, she threw a fit. After a nice warm bath, she ran to the back door, sobbing, "Side . . . side . . . side!" We managed to distract her with dinner, but then around 7:00 pm, she popped up next to me in her jammies, sweetly asking, "Side? Side?" By that time, it was dark and definitely too cold!