M is for Moby, Mollie, & Mommy

I have been meaning to post a picture of Mollie in the Moby Wrap, but haven't gotten around to it. I LOVE THIS THING! It's so awesome for calming Mollie and for her to sleep in when she only wants to be held. I know I'll be using it more and more as she gets older. Kinda looks like I'm pregnant again - and kinda feels like it too, but that's probably why Mollie likes it! At least this time it's removable. ;)

Also, I got a much-needed hairstyle change today! I hadn't gotten my haircut since before I got pregnant with Mollie! I am really excited about the new look. This pic isn't perfect since my hair kind of blends in with the brown wrap, but it's just a little longer than shoulder length. I should have taken a before pic or at least measured how much she cut off - it was a lot though!


  1. I really like your hair! You and Mollie look very pretty :)

  2. Your hair looks so good!!