Gram & Mollie | Kindred Spirits :)

I was uploading these photos and realized that Gram and Mollie share a love of dolls! :)


And here's another sweet one of Gram & Nat

Happy Monday to you!

JBF Goodies

It's that time again! The JBF Fall/Winter sale! I tried really hard to limit myself this year, and Natalie has laid down the law that she.wants.to.wear.dresses. She already has a couple pairs of jeans, a few long-sleeved shirts, and a ton of leggings (bought on deep sale with the intentions of wearing under all.the.dresses.), so I tried to mainly buy dresses for her, and not a ton. It's harder to get super cute awesomely-priced stuff at JBF when you're looking for specific items. I may pick up a couple more dresses at Target or something. I did get her some brand new Children's Place rainboots. She's been begging for some every time we go to Target, so when I saw these, I had to get them. She's positively thrilled and has been wearing them all day.

For Mollie, she's pretty much already set, but I got her a few cute tops, some simple canvas Mary Janes, and a couple of dresses.

Shoes & Tutu skirt (part of Natalie's Halloween costume)

Mollie's Dresses (Avg $5 each)

Mollie's Tops (Avg $3.50 each)

Natalie's PJs (Avg $4.50 each)

Natalie's Tops (Avg $3.75 each)

Natalie's Dresses (Avg $5.50 each)


I also got a TON of books. Last year, we did a new book every day during December for Advent, and I wanted to do it again this year. I got 21 books for $46. Pretty good, I think!