Seh-nin. That's how Natalie says "seven." Mollie is seh-nin weeks old . . . yesterday. I fully intended to post this yesterday, but it seems like everything takes longer these days. Eating, uploading pictures, reading a book, everything takes longer. Getting ready to leave the house takes oh.my.gosh forever. I've only ventured out with the girls alone once - well, once to the zoo and once to Lawton. I don't think the Lawton trip counts 100%. We desperately need to go grocery shopping, but the thought of being halfway (or all the way) done shopping and having Mollie decide she cannot be consoled in the middle of Wal-Mart strikes fear into my heart. Maybe we'll wait on that one.

Mollie is just becoming more fun all the time. Maybe the reason I didn't get this posted yesterday morning is because then I wouldn't have been able to share these things: Last night, we ran some errands and got dinner at Chick Fil-A (my favorite!!!). Mollie did fine in the car (swaddled - our new tactic that seems to be working, praise Jesus!), and then she was awake at CFA. She sat in her seat on the booth next to Brad and just looked around and cooed. Whenever he would lean in a little closer and talk to her, she would smile - like "Hey! I know you!" Too cute. Her arms and legs are always going a mile a minute. This morning, after I fed her, she was laying on our bed looking around. I leaned in a little and smiled big, and she smiled really big right back. I'm so excited that the smiles are becoming more frequent now!

I'm almost scared to share what a good night sleeper Mollie is. Let's just say we're pretty much getting a full night's rest around here, and we have been for a while. I pray this continues! We are really working with her to try to get her to put herself to sleep, and naptimes have been going SOOOOO much better, I can't even describe it. We got another monitor, and now we are in the market for a white noise machine. Once we get that, I'll put her down for more naps in her crib. For now, I turn on the fan in our bathroom and put the bassinet right by the door and that seems to do the trick. I'd love to have her in her own crib though. I don't know when we'll move her for the nighttime. She's a pretty loud sleeper in the mornings, and I'd hate to have to walk across the house 5 times only to decide that she's still asleep. We'll see!

Here are some pictures from the last few days:

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  1. Mollie is growing! So adorable! Tell Natalie she looks pretty cute in her Elmo PJs!