JBF Goodies

Yesterday was the JBF presale, and I found TONS of cute clothes for Natalie. They had so many things in her size that I found plenty without even going through all the racks. Somehow I kind of miscounted my items and ended up with quite a few more shirts and jeans than we probably need. Although I bought jeans in 2T and 3T, and it looks like the 3T will be too long for her for quite a while. Oh, and one pair of jeans was 4T, which is frustrating! So we are set for jeans for quite a while!

I found some really cute dresses, plenty of PJ's, a jacket, and a winter coat! Unfortunately, I didn't find much for Mollie's size, but I did find some cute things and I think we're pretty much set until the spring, so between now and then we'll figure something out if we need to. :)

Here's most of the clothes I got Natalie. They look so much better in person!
Here are the outfits I found for Mollie:

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