My Melting Heart

So despite the fact that Natalie is having a VERY trying day today, she has just melted my heart twice. When I got her up this morning, she asked where Mollie was and went into our bedroom to see her. Mollie was being fussy and Natalie just got right up in her face, gave her a kiss, and said, "IIIII Lub Youuuu." This whole "I love you" thing is new in general. I just thought it was so sweet! I wish I could really reproduce what it sounds like when she says it - it's so funny. Then later, I was holding Mollie on the couch and Natalie and I were reading a book. Mollie got a little fussy, and Natalie kept saying, "Wanna see Mah-nee! Wanna see Mah-nee!" So I turned Mollie until she was facing Natalie, and again, Natalie told her, "IIIII Lub Youuuu."

Now if only she would behave a little better today. *sigh*

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