Vacation Time!

I am so excited! We are planning a little family vacation to Florida at the end of April! I have really been wanting to go on a family vacation before the baby comes, while it's still just the three of us, and I loved the idea of a beach vacation. Well, we finally decided that we could do just that in April and visit our friends Mark & Becky and their son Carter - and let the boys enjoy the NFL Draft together - all at the same time! So we're flying down for kind of an extra-long weekend. I can't wait! I'm so excited to get some great pics of Miss Nat at the beach!

I can't wait for warm weather in general! This winter has really gotten to me like no other before has. Come on Spring!!

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    Amanda told me that you had a blog so I came by to check it out! It looks like all is well with your family! Congrats on expecting!