RSV Check-Up

Great news! Natalie is officially off the nebulizer, and has a clean bill of health! She still coughs every so often during the day, but the doctor says her chest sounds - and I quote - wonderful! YAYYAYAY!!! She also said that her ears look soooo much better, and there is no infection there, but there's still a little fluid. Apparently that's to be expected, and the amount of drainage she has in her nose/sinuses already will determine how long it takes her little body to absorb/get rid of the rest of the fluid in her ears.

The doctor did say that there is a good chance that this winter and possibly next winter, Natalie may have wheezing again even with just a cold. That would mean back to the breathing treatments. However, it is greatly in her favor that we don't have asthma on either side of our families. Praise the Lord for that! We are continuing the zyrtec for her and hoping that takes care of a lot of the "colds" that she was having. Hopefully it will help keep her immune system nice and strong!

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