Christmas in Ohio

We arrived in Ohio around 8 am EST on Tuesday, December 23 after Brad drove 12.5 hours straight! This works best for us right now since Natalie gets really fidgety after a while. She slept pretty much the entire way, praise the Lord! She did wake up every time we stopped for gas, but she would just look around, then go back to sleep on the road. The only drawback is that it leaves Brad super tired the next day! We had lots of fun with family, and Natalie especially enjoyed hanging out with her cousins. She also was very excited about Al & Deb's dog, Rosie, who is a silky terrier. Miss Nat would chase her around the house saying "Casey!" and making clicking noises and motioning for Rosie to "come here." Rosie is not quite as accomodating as Casey, but they got along ok. :)

While we were in Ohio, I think all 3 of us were sick in some form or fashion. I had the usual allergy/cold stuff, Brad actually came down with a fever but seemed to recover fairly quickly, and we ended up having to find an urgent care place open the day after Christmas to take Natalie, who was very quickly pronounced with another ear infection. This makes 2 in about a month. We really think that allergies may be the culprit and plan on trying out some baby zyrtec very soon. Thank goodness, she recovered very quickly and you wouldn't even hardly know she felt bad by the very next day. Sunday, we went to Elizabeth's first birthday party, and after a nap for Miss Nat, we were on the road again that evening! She was awake for an hour and a half (which was fine by us) before drifting off, and on the way home, she slept all the way through until we reached Mustang!

Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip!

Happy first birthday, Elizabeth Grace! Glad we could share your big day with you!

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