Six by Ten

Saturday I started a project called "Ten by Ten" where you take ten pictures on the 10th of each month, taking one picture every hour on the hour for ten hours, just to kind of chronicle your day. I kept my 50 1.8 lens on the camera because I love what it can do, but I'm still getting used to it, so these are not the greatest pictures. Also, due to illness and stuff, I only got 6 pictures in. But hey, I tried! And here are the results:

9:00 am: Natalie sliding down her slide - her big Christmas gift from Mommy & Daddy. Right after she slid down, she patted me on the chest and said, "Mama." She really doesn't call me anything usually, so this was really touching to me!
10:00 am: Naptime for Miss Nat! She normally doesn't take a morning nap, but she's had a lot of them recently since she's been sick.
11:00 am: Things that are keeping my family going this past week. :( With the obvious exclusion of the vaporizer (aka the Star of the Show), which was running in Nat's room during her nap.
12:00 pm: Breathing treatment #2 for Natalie. Doesn't it just break your heart? I am soooooooo thankful that this is just something we have to do for a week or so, not for the rest of her life. My heart goes out to all the mommies who have to do this with their kiddos every day.
1:00 pm: Natalie absconds with my lens cap. She's decided she knows where it goes on the camera, and SHE (and ONLY SHE) wants to put it back on. The problem is, it's a little tricky - you have to squeeze 2 little parts on each side and fit it into the lens. She's basically not capable of doing that at 16 months. Some grown-ups might not be. ;) But it frustrates her to no end.
2:00 pm: Snack time! Natalie was just talking away, eating animal crackers. She did the sign to let us know she wanted to eat, but then wasn't very interested in the crackers. We've decided that she's using this sign not to ask for food, but to say "pretty please" on top of her regular sign for "please." Sigh. It would be nice if she used it correctly!
Well, that's the end of our day, January 10, 2009, at least our day in pictures. Maybe February will go better!
Oh, and speaking of the 10th, Happy Birthday Miss Kara! Hope you had a fun 3rd birthday party!


  1. cute idea! I need to be taking more pictures every day!

  2. Great pics! I like all the pics of the medicine!