Illness Update #2

Natalie is better and worse today. She woke up in a terrible mood, but her temperature was only about 99. She ate some fruit for breakfast, but rather grudgingly. She was just not a happy camper today, and it seemed really odd to me. This is the worst mood she's been in since she got sick. I was wondering if her ears were bothering her, because I had read before that ear infections often continue to get a little worse even after they are on antibiotics, which we're on day 3 of. So we got ready and went to her re-check and her RSV is about the same, not surprisingly. We have noticed her coughing less, but she's still congested and she's still wheezing a little, so we have to continue the breathing treatments. Also, her throat is not red anymore. None of that was a surprise. The bad news is that her ears both look terrible (mother's intuition?). So we decided to give her an antibiotic shot today, and hopefully that will better jump-start the healing in her ears. We're also continuing the oral antibiotic that she's on, and we'll be going back next week for another check-up. The doctor said she might not be contagious on Friday, depending on how the next two days go, so basically she can't go back to Katie's until next week. It's frusting for us to have to miss work, especially since I only work 3 days a week, but Brad is going to stay home with her tomorrow so I can go in, and then it looks like we'll be able to make up the other days later in the month, so that's great. I wasn't looking forward to going in on the weekend! :)

My congestion is still pretty bad today, but my throat is better. I have a little bit more energy, but I still just want to rest, and Natalie is not in a resting mood today. I don't know how to describe her mood. Discontent, I guess. Nothing seems to make her happy for long, and it's pretty draining. I'm just praying that she starts feeling better soon - for all of us!! Brad looked up the particular shot she got today, and some people say they felt better later the same day, so that's wonderful news! Pray that Miss Nat can be one of those!

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