Sick Again

Please pray for Natalie and for our family's health in general. It seems that we are unable to all be well at the same time anymore, and I've pretty much reached the end of my rope. Currently, Brad has a sinus infection (he's feeling much better and is on antibiotics), Natalie has RSV (a respiratory virus), and I thought I was getting over my allergy/cold/whatever, but I've been extra tired today with a headache and an irritated throat. I'm praying I'm not getting Brad's sinus infection, but even if I escape that, I don't see how I could not get Natalie's RSV, which they say manifests itself as the common cold in adults. That I can handle, but I'm also really ready to just be WELL for a while.

Back to Natalie. We took her to the doctor this morning since she had a cough, congestion, and fever over the weekend. Turns out she has RSV, a red throat, AND her ear infections are still there. So she's now on a stronger antibiotic, we have to do breathing treatments every four hours (that she really doesn't like), and try to get her to drink as much as possible. Turns out that drinking thing is WAY more difficult than it sounds. I even tried to get her to drink some blue raspberry pedialyte (which she seemed to like earlier) from a syringe, and she spit most of it back out - on her white shirt. I won't be bothering with that trick again. *sigh* She basically doesn't want anything to do with anything that goes in her mouth. I'm praying that the antibiotic kicks in quickly and starts working on the sore throat - maybe that's why she doesn't want to drink or eat. The doctor seems to think the RSV will get worse before it gets better, but we're praying it's peaked already and that we're on the downward slope because she does seem better to us today. Her fever seems to be lower and the motrin seems to be keeping it down better today. Her mood is actually quite good, surprisingly. Just don't try to get her to open her mouth. :(

Thank you for your prayers - truly, truly.

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