Another Long Overdue Update

Well, I've done it again and it's been too long since I posted anything. Christmas is just crazy. I just did 2 posts with lots of pics from Christmas, though, and I'll try to do my best to get down what Natalie's been doing lately in this post.

Natalie cut her 8th tooth today. It seems like it's all the way through, but she was awfully fussy this evening, so maybe there's still a little bit left. She does seem to get through it more quickly now, but she's still got SO many teeth to go, I dread all the teething yet to come!
Natalie has added a few animal sounds to her repertoire! She knows:

  • cow
  • sheep
  • horse
  • snake
  • rooster (although she says "hoooo hoo," but she is trying to say "doodle doo")
  • kitty
  • doggie (but only sometimes)

Here's a quick list of cute stuff she's been doing lately:

  • Brad taught her how to tell a secret, so she gets a kick out of leaning into your ear and making "whispering" noises.
  • She's so prone to runny noses that we seem to be constantly using saline in her nose. She'll find bottles of it lying around and put the bottle (lid on) into her nostril.
  • On a related note, she's on some eye drops right now, and she will find other kinds of bottles (the eye drops are definitely not within her reach), and act like she's putting them in her eyes or in a baby doll's eyes.
  • She got lots of baby dolls for Christmas, and I think her favorite part about them is feeding them their bottles. It's so cute! She knows just what to do! (see pictures below)
  • She fairly consistently says "nose" when she points to her nose and "mouth" when she points to her mouth. She also knows these body parts, just by pointing: eyes, ears, head, hair, teeth, tongue, hands, feet, and belly button.
  • She loves her Brown Bear book, and I think it's because she gets to point out the eyes on every single animal each time we turn the page. She definitely has a fascination with eyes.

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