Big News!!!

OK I know you can barely read Natalie's shirt in this picture, but it says "this little chick is gonna be a big sister!" Yes, the Billheimer family is going to be adding another member this July! I am 13 weeks today, and I think I'm finally moving past the extreme fatigue and crazy food aversions, praise the Lord! Although this terrible cold that I have has not been an easy one to get through since there's not much I can actually take to make things more comfortable. Things are going very well in general though! Now we're just trying to prepare for our new little one! We can't wait to find out what we're having. We should be able to find out sometime in late February. I'm hoping I get to schedule the big ultrasound at my next appointment, which is on my birthday Jan. 29! So maybe in a few weeks I'll have an actual date for that ultrasound.

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