My Hooooome!! Hoo Hoo!!

That was Natalie's reaction as we pulled into our garage this morning at about 7 am after spending 14 straight hours in the car - no offense to those we were visiting, it's just after TWO 14-hour drives over 4 days, there is just no place like home. Miss Natalie really can't complain - during last night's drive she got, oh, about 11-12 hours of sleep and I got 4 - in 30-60 minute increments. Brad got even less - maybe 60-90 minutes? I slept about an hour and a half when we got home, and I've been entertaining the munchkins ever since while he sleeps. I have to say, I feel much better than I thought I would, but still not great. I was more than thrilled to get BOTH girls down for naps easily at the same time (hoo hoo! as Nat would say), but the jerk on the corner is racing this RI.DIC.U.LOUS.LY LOUD remote control car and so even in a silent, dark house, I gave up on a nap for myself after 30 minutes of trying (and being totally scared that Natalie would wake up from the noise). Then Mollie woke up not too much later, so I'm typing one-handed and feeding her. Since I'm now in no danger of getting my own nap in the forseeable future, stay tuned for pictures and stories from our trip - and a run-down of our road trip home, if I can remember any of the details at this point. ;)

Oh, and did I mention the stupid RC car sounds JUST like a baby/child crying in the distance, at least to this Mommy's ears? So now I keep checking on Natalie every 5 minutes, but it's only the car. I can't believe I can hear it so loudly two houses down and across the street. I went out there to give him the stink eye for racing in front of our house (I assumed he was going up and down the street), only to see that he's keeping it right in front of his. Ugh. OK vent over.

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