Sweet Prayer

Some time ago, Natalie (aka Little Miss Independent) decided that oftentimes she wants to hold her hands together to pray during her bedtime prayer (we used to hold hands together). Well, Brad recently thought to ask her if she wanted to say a prayer herself. What an awesome thought! She definitely did want to say a prayer, and would say things like, "Mommy, Daddy" then words we didn't really understand. This afternoon, I asked her if she wanted to add to the prayer that I said before her nap, and she did. :) She said, "Deeezis, I-luh-loo, Amen!" which, translates to "Jesus, I love you, Amen!" How wonderful is that? She just melts my heart. The first time she said her own version of a prayer and Brad told me, he said, "You know that God is just smiling when he hears that." Well said!!!


  1. How sweet..I think the hands thing comes from being in UTS at church. When Brooke turned two and started in there she decided to put her hands together instead of holding ours.