Halloween Festivities - Part 1

My women's Bible Study Group (Yirah) had a Halloween party for the kiddos on Friday. Natalie hasn't seen any of the girls or their kids in quite a while, and Katie wasn't able to come because Brooke was sick :( so Natalie took a while to warm up to everyone. It didn't help that some of the older boys had kind of scary masks, but they took them off to show her their true identities ;) and that helped a bit. Mainly, time helped, though, and when it was time to go, she was bargaining with me ("wanna ride horsey, mama!" - a wooden rocking horse Kelly has) and on the verge of throwing a pretty good fit when I finally picked her up to go. Thankfully, she cheered right up once we were out the door and we had a pleasant ride home. :)

During the party, I was kind of tied up feeding Mollie in the beginning, and Natalie decided that Jenny would be her surrogate mom. I owe big thanks to Jenny for helping Natalie to have such a great time! The kids made candy necklaces, skeleton stickers, had lunch, and then made spiders out of ritz crackers and marshmallows - too cute! Natalie is a bit young for most of that, and I kept catching her just eating the ingredients to the crafts. ;) At least they were completely edible!! :)

Look how big Miss Kate Jane is getting! I took photos of Kristin's little Kater when she was a newborn back in January! She kept making funny faces at me for this pic!
Here's the best photo I could get with all the kids in it (minus Mollie, who was sleeping in the Moby wrap - LOVE that thing!). It was kind of chaotic!

Stay tuned for more Halloween pics soon! We are taking the kids in our married LifeGroup trick-or-treating at the Zoo Wednesday night - hopefully I'll get some pics of Mollie in her costume too! ;)

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