Pumpkin Patch Pics

This morning, we took the girls to the TG Farms pumpkin patch. It's the same farm we've gone to every year since Natalie was born (this is our THIRD year - can you believe that?!), but this time, instead of just shopping and taking a few photos in the front, we actually paid the admission and went into the farm with the pumpkin patch and all the fun stuff. We got to feed animals, climb on slides, quickly try out the corn maze, take a short tractor hay ride, and pick our own pumpkins out of the big patch!

We got the early, and we were afraid it might be too cold, but the weather felt perfect - didn't have to wear coats, just sweaters - and there weren't too many people there. When we left, though, there was a LONG line just to get in!

Natalie had tons of fun! She kept saying that she wanted to feed the cows, but when Brad put the feed in her hands and nudge her closer to them, she would just get nervous and shake her hands and all the feed fell out. She loved climbing the slide and, well, just running around. Most of my photos here are definitely action shots - and half of them, I was just running around taking pictures. We all got a workout! :) Mollie did really well - she was getting hungry when we got there, so we took turns giving her her bottle and she was happy with that. I wish I had gotten a little bit better photo of the two of them together - maybe next year! :) It's hard to imagine a time when BOTH girls will be walking - isn't that funny?!

This last pic is a self-portrait that's a little weird, but not too bad. My black t-shirt and the odd angle makes it look strange - I'm just not too good at taking pics this way!

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