October 09 Ohio Trip

Finally, here are a bunch of pics from our short trip to Ohio this past weekend!

Sheila & Mollie
Lisa feeding Mollie with a little help. ;)
The girls loved playing with the new/old organ in Mammy's dining room (L to R: Elizabeth, Aubrey, Natalie). Look at all the curls!!
The big event! Sesame Street Live! The girls LOVED it!!
Natalie's second 2nd birthday party. ;)
She could NOT stay out of the cake!
Aubrey & Kara at the organ.
A new magical trike from Mammy & Pappy.
Bath toys & a "Natalie" cup from Lisa, Eric, & Aubrey.
A Bengals outfit and cool stacking blocks from Sheila, Matt, Kara, & Elizabeth.
Aubrey & Natalie - partners in crime!
Little Miss Elizabeth in Ohio State duds!
Mammy, Charlet, & Mollie
Mamaw & Mollie
Cousin Megan helping Natalie out. What a sweetie!

Megan playing with all the girls in Aubrey's super cute new room!

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  1. I'm sure the Sesame Street show was really something else for the girls. Jordan and Josh (2-4yrs.) just loved it.