So I never tried out BabyLegs (basically, baby leg warmers) with Natalie, even though they were the "hot" thing at the time, but someone gave us a pair as a gift for Mollie, and I fell in love. They are SO adorable and much easier than pants for diaper changes and such. They also stay down better and they should grow with her a longer than pants that are sized in the usual 3-month increments - she'll be wearing these much longer than that! Also, they can be worn on your arms under a short-sleeved T-shirt for extra warmth. Since I'm a big fan of the layered-T look, I can't wait to try them on Natalie in that way. :) I just cannot bring myself to pay $10-12 for one pair of BabyLegs, so I found this awesome tutorial online about how to make them yourself out of women's socks. They are SUPER easy! These are some pics of the first pair that I made. I bought 5 pair of women's socks at Target for about $12, so my version is a little more than $2 per pair and maybe 10 minutes of (easy) work. I just love them! :)

Oh, and some of these are just cute pics of Mollie and you can't see the BabyLegs, but she's too cute not to share! :)

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  1. Those are SO cute...I was thinking when you were explaining it that it took 5 pairs of socks to make one set. I didn't get that it was WOMEN'S socks. I am so going to try this!