Josh & Carolyn's Wedding

Here are the photos that we took at Josh & Carolyn's wedding yesterday! I wish I had gotten way more, but sometimes it's just not possible, and you (I) just have to realize that the picture is not always the most important thing. :) So I can't wait to see their photographer's proofs! :)

I didn't get a single picture with Natalie and Mollie together in their sweet dresses (thanks again Sheila for letting me borrow the one for Natalie and Katie for letting us borrow the sweater - it came in VERY handy later on!!!!). So maybe I'll do a home photo shoot later on!

Everything was so beautiful and sweet. Carolyn looked amazing in her gorgeous dress, the decor was beautiful, Josh looked so handsome, and everyone seemed to be so happy. It was a joyous occasion! Congrats guys! Welcome to our family, Carolyn and Gavin!!

Natalie before the ceremony

Playing with Gavin

Sylvia/Oma with Mollie

My mom/Nonny introducing Mollie to Rosemary

Baby Bro! Doesn't he look handsome? :)

Aunt Terri helping me tremendously by feeding Mollie. I had my hands full with none of my usual helpers available right before the beginning of the service!

The Guys: Chris, Eric (Carolyn's bro), Thomas, Jordan, & Josh.

Seeing Carolyn for the first time.

Miss Natalie being pretty good during the ceremony. I filled her backpack with little toys to help keep her occupied. Notice the all-important Elmo sticker that she put directly in the place of honor on her chest. ;)


Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Pulley!

The Reception . . . soooo pretty!

The beautiful centerpieces that Carolyn made. I just love fall weddings!!

Reese's Pieces favors. So cute!

Nonny & a verrrrrry sleepy Mollie. I didn't intend for her to wear jammies at the reception, but she drooled a TON (which isn't really like her!), and her dress was more than soaked, so I didn't really have a choice.

YAY! A nice photo of Brad and me! Haven't had one in a long time! Thanks, Kim! :)
The tinkling of the glasses in request for kisses woke up Mollie. She was happy though.
Carolyn & Josh with Miss Nat
Natalie & Mommy sharing cheesecake . . . the chocolate was our favorite! I got lots of compliments, which was really nice! :)

Aunt "Tim" and Natalie (with cheesecake all over her face) :)

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  1. I love all your pictures!!! So many good ones!!
    And as usual....such sweet girlies, too :)