I was making sandwiches in the kitchen when I heard Natalie singing her version of the Elmo's World song in the living room. I peeked in to find her sitting right next to Mollie singing TO her. My heart melted!

Here's Natalie's version of the song: "La la Elmosawnnn . . . luh-goadfish . . . (mumble mumble) TOOOO! (pause) DAT El-mo sawnnnn! Yay!" For those of you who don't have the song memorized from hearing it daily ;), here are the real words: "La la la, La la la, Elmo's World (although Nat says "song"), La la la, La la la, Elmo's World. Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon too . . . thaaaaat's Elmo's World!"

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