Rehearsal Night

We are still pretty tired today from the wedding yesterday, but I wanted to share some of my pictures! The only ones I've gone through so far are the ones from the rehearsal and dinner Friday night. I went to Lawton Friday afternoon and Kim and I helped Carolyn and her bridesmaids decorate for the reception, amongst other odd tasks that inevitably come up. Then Brad came up later for the rehearsal and dinner, and we all had SO much fun! Natalie really enjoyed herself at the church and had a blast at the dinner. They took everyone to the Old Plantation restaurant in Medicine Park. It was great to have some time to visit, and Natalie had tons of fun with most of her Oklahoma family all there together. :) She especially enjoyed running around with Gavin though. She was constantly trying to give him big hugs. Miss Mollie was a trooper - she was SO good the whole day and evening.
I'll be posting photos of the wedding and reception later! :)

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  1. What a beautiful wedding! Girls looked so pretty! I also like the picture of you both together.