3 Months

I'll begin this post with the obligatory "Can you believe that Mollie is 3 months old now?!" I can't. Seriously. I feel like she just made her appearance a couple weeks ago . . . but then again (and isn't this always how things go?), I feel like she's been part of our family forever. Mollie is such a joyful little soul - so often happy, smiling, and cooing. She gets so excited when she sees us, but she hasn't truly laughed quite yet.

She's becoming more vocal all the time - I posted a video of her "talking" below. I wish I'd had my camera at LifeGroup last night, though. Aiden and Brooke were chasing each other with play snakes, and much squealing was taking place. They kept stopping right beside Mollie, who was sitting up on my lap. She started making this crazy noise, and we never could decide if she was annoyed and yelling AT them or enjoying yelling WITH them. It was one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I have definitely never heard her do anything like that!

Here's the usual monthly photo with the pink bear. I only got a few shots of Mollie, and this was the cutest one, I thought. I realized afterward that this little outfit is the same one that Natalie wore in her FOUR month pink bear photo. I guess you can tell I have favorite outfits for them! I had to dig it up to compare them, and I laughed because they basically have the same pose! I did not do this on purpose! By the way, Mollie weighed 12.5 lbs a week ago, so I'm sure she's right around 13 lbs now. Natalie weighed 11 lbs 8 oz at 4 months, when this picture of her was taken.

Mollie, 3 months

Natalie, 4 months

And here's some sweet photos I took of Mollie this afternoon during Natalie's nap. Enjoy! :)

And here's one that I thought was really sweet of both girls. :)

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