Sunny Day

Natalie has been singing more songs lately, and it's so sweet! She loves to sing her ABC's and the Elmo song, but she's added the Sesame Street song and bits of You Are My Sunshine to her repertoire. In fact, lately when I get her up to get ready for the day, it's not uncommon for her to say, "SUN-ny DAY!" and then we sing the rest of the Sesame Street Song. Not a bad way to start your day! Now if only the next 10 minutes of going potty and getting dressed went as cheerily!

These are some quick photos I took while chasing after Natalie in the yard on a recent SUN-ny DAY! She's wearing an adorable hat that my friend Dee Ann crocheted for her! Thanks again Dee Ann!! I wish I could have gotten some closer up shots, but she kept running from me! Toddlers!!

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