Disney on Ice

Yesterday was the first day of the State Fair, and Kim and I took Natalie to see Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy. She LOVED it, and so did Kim and I. :) It took us a little over an hour to get from our house to the Fair and get parked, and it would have taken 20 on a normal non-Fair day. But we finally got to park pretty close to the arena so there wasn't much walking involved. That was good because we forgot the stroller! Kim carried Natalie most of the time, and we let her walk some with her little monkey backback. We were really glad that we didn't have a stroller, though, because the line to pick up your stroller from the mandatory stroller check-in was totally insane after the show.

Natalie enjoyed her first Fair food, including a super yummy funnel cake. Kim was planning on buying her an expensive light-up toy, but she wasn't really interested so that was some big savings! Then Kim decided to get some cotton candy and ended up spending more than your average cotton candy price, BUT it came with a really cute flower petal hat that Natalie adored!

The show that we saw was called Worlds of Fantasy and began with Mickey & Minnie Mouse, which Natalie was thrilled about. It's funny that she's so excited about Minnie, but it's because Minnie is on her sippy cups - she's never seen a cartoon or anything! So then it was a little bit from the movie Cars, then The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. After the intermission was Tinkerbell. One of Natalie's favorite things about the show was clapping after each song! It was really cute. :)

It was a really fun show, but it ended over half an hour after Natalie's normal bedtime and she was totally exhausted! She was getting pretty sleepy during the Tinkerbell show, and she was close to falling asleep on Kim's shoulder on the way to the car. We had ridiculous traffic to get through getting out of the parking lot, and once our car was moving continuously, Natalie was asleep. She was about 75% asleep when we changed her for bed, and didn't put up a fight about laying down at all.

Here are a ton of photos from our little adventure:

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