"Ah-Side" with Natalie

I just love these photos that I got of Natalie playing "ah-side" last week. The weather was super nice and I hadn't taken her out in a while, so she really enjoyed it. She went directly into the bath afterwards, though. Sand is sooo messy!
Just for fun, I added some at the end of Natalie in July 2008 wearing the same thing. It's a shirt that my mom made her, but it can also be worn as a dress. Last year it was pretty much long enough to be a dress, but I paired it with shorts. Now it's definitely a shirt. I just love it! I love it when you can get 2 seasons out of one item of clothing! This summer, she can still wear her pillowcases dresses we made as shirts AND I'll pair them with long-sleeved white T's for Fall!

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  1. I still cannot believe how much she has changed. What a cutie!