Thrush & Colds

I still have thrush. I've had a couple people ask me recently, "So you're pretty sure you're over the thrush now?" Ummmm, unfortunately, NOPE. Mollie is over it as far as I can tell (yay!), but I still have it. I still have pain and itching. I don't know when I'll be over it, either. They really can't give me a good ballpark of how long it takes! Ten days seems to be the least amount of time - and that's if you're lucky. I think I'm on about day 12, so I'm not one of the extremely lucky ones. It's so frustrating. I'm on my second round of the medication, and I'm working even harder this time to keep all the laundry items that touch me & the milk (bras, t-shirts, burp cloths, wash cloths, hand towels, towels) totally clean each day. Oh, and Mollie hardly takes a pacifier, but I'm making sure to sterilize them every day also just in case. So now I have a whole routine - every day when I take a shower (usually in the evening), I make a pile of everything we used that day that I listed above and pull out previously-sterilized stuff to use. I also sterilize pacifiers (and bottle nipples if we've used one) at the same time (yay for microwaver sterilizing bags!). Then the next morning while Natalie eats breakfast, I put the stuff from the day before in the washer on the "sterilize" cycle (it's extra hot water for like an hour and 40 minutes) with bleach. It's a lot of work and a lot of things to remember!

I also don't think that Mollie is latching completely right, but it could be a thrush thing, so I am praying that she'll get it corrected once the thrush is gone. If not, I guess I'll be off to see the lactation consultant again. She's definitely getting milk - she's still gaining around an ounce a day - so that's not a concern, but she really needs to be latching right to make the most of the milk (not let a bunch leak out the side of her mouth) and for my comfort!

Also, Brad's getting over a cold, Natalie has a nasty cold, and I seem to be coming down with a slightly-not-so-bad version myself. Brad used Cold-Eez with great results, so I'm using it too now. Hopefully Natalie will get over it quickly also - and hopefully we can keep Mollie from getting it, especially since she should be getting antibodies in my milk. It's no fun!!

Please pray for us! :)

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  1. How awful! I feel your pain, we are still dealing with Spencer's sickness. Good luck!