A New Tooth!

Congrats to Natalie - she has a new tooth! She cut her 2nd top canine a few days ago. Now it would appear that the bottom two are working overtime to come in. I'll be so glad when they make their tiny appearance. We've been dealing with mood swings and tantrums that I really feel are connected to some pain in her mouth. I gave her some Tylenol a little bit ago, and she seems to be a lot more herself already. I can't believe she still has all 4 second year molars to come - but then I *think* we are done with teething - for Natalie, anyway. I hope Mollie deals a little differently with hers!

So Natalie has been playing with blocks and just came up and wanted me to go play with her. I asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap while I finished something, and she did. She then plastered me with kisses, including some Eskimo kisses. Yeah, I think she's feeling better. YAY! Off to build something with Miss Nat . . .

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