Mollie's Baptism

We had Miss Mollie Grace baptised this past Sunday at Gram & Opa's church, which is where I went to church for a long time when I was younger. It was such a nice day!

Gram shared some quality time with her newest great-granddaughter while we waited for everyone to arrive. Then my mom got Mollie dressed in the same baptismal gown that was worn by me, by Josh, by Natalie, and now by Mollie! My great grandma made it for me before my baptism! My mom gave it new life two years ago for Natalie and she embroidered all the babies' names and dates on it!

After the service, the kids played at a super fun park behind the church in the Old Post Quadrangle, then it was back to Nonny & Poppy's for lunch. Gram gave Natalie a slip that used to be mine, and Natalie loved wearing it around. It's now in our dress up basket at home! At the end of the day, I guess nothing is much better than sharing popsicles with Poppy Sam. ;)