Playing Catch-Up

So I'm playing catch-up with the picture posting, yet again. A lot of these photos are from last week. Natalie got her Aunt "Tim's" (Kim's) glasses out of her purse and had fun putting them on. She also decided to dress/accessorize herself again. Her fashion sense is quite unique, I must say. It's always good for a smile if not a giggle. :)

The ones in the middle are Natalie with her new play vanity from Oma & Papa. Sylvia picked this up at a garage sale for only $5! A total steal, and Natalie loves it! :) Thanks, guys! :)


  1. Mollie seems to be looking less "brand new baby" and more Miss Mollie :)

  2. Brooke sure liked Nat's vanity too:) It's so funny how the big susters love to lay down on the floor with the little ones.