Eight Weeks

Mollie is 8 weeks old today! I think she has a superpower - making time FLY! We've had a really good week. She is doing so awesome at putting herself to sleep now. It's absolutely wonderful! She's a lot more alert and interactive every day, and we are seeing more and more smiles - yay! I have yet to really catch one on camera, but I'm trying!

I think we are all definitely very close to being done with this nasty cold. For Brad and for me, that's thanks to Cold-Eez! Brad's always had good luck with it, and I've never really given it much of a try before because I usually don't know if I'm getting a cold or if it's allergies. I'm soooo glad I am taking it this time. This is like the shortest bad cold ever for me! I'm sooooo thankful that we are all feeling so much better! Big praise for that!

We went to Quail Springs Mall again recently and our trip went a little better than last time. Mollie was totally happy (swaddled!) on the way up, and I fed her in the nursing mother's room as soon as we got there. Then she was happy while we all ate dinner. Brad walked around with her when she got a little fussy in Payless, and she fell asleep on his shoulder while Natalie tried on shoes. We didn't swaddle her for the trip home, and she woke up unhappy when we were about 10 minutes away, but that may have been due to a very big dirty diaper that we found when we got her home! I think I'll still be swaddling her for long trips for at least another week!

Brad is going on his first work trip in almost a year this week. Luckily, it will be really short - only 2 days and 1 night. We'll be ok without him, but he'll be missed big time! Then almost as soon as he gets back, we'll be preparing for Natalie's SECOND birthday party! Wow!! I cannot believe she's going to be TWO!!

Natalie has been as funny as ever this week. I'm trying to finish this quickly because - get this!! - both girls are napping at the exact same time!! Woo hoo! Sounds like a possible nap for Mommy too! Anyway, I don't have a list of examples of cute Nat stuff, but I will say that she's somehow picked up the phrase "two owa," and when I told her it was about time for Mollie to wake up from her nap, she informed me that it had been "two owa," and she was right. Then she told me, "Uhh Nanny (Natalie) nap two owa too." But she had only been awake about two hours, so it definitely wasn't naptime for her. Now she's using the phrase constantly. Brad asked her how long she and I played outside today, and yup, you guessed it, "two owa" when really it was about 15 minutes. ;) She's never shown any interest in time before at all. It's pretty cute. :) I'm not sure where she got it exactly, but it is the usual length of Mollie's naps and of Natalie's nap also, so I'm sure it gets tossed around a lot at our place.

Here are some pics from this week. Enjoy!!

Natalie just finished some "jeddy toas" as she calls it. :)

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