At the Beach #2

Tuesday morning, Brad, Natalie, and I went to Clearwater Beach on our own for a few hours. It was way less crowded than our previous Saturday trip. It's such a pretty beach, and we had lots of fun!

Here's a picture of our little setup.
Natalie took off on her own to play with sand toys. ;)
I think her favorite thing about this visit was the birds. She loved to chase after them, then when she got close enough, she would stand across from them and wiggle her fingers toward them, saying "giggle, giggle, giggle" which is how she says "tickle." She usually uses this method to "call" Casey. It doesn't work with Casey or with the birds, but she doesn't give up!
Walking along the beach with Daddy.
Having a little lunch. She loves her food!
More bird chasing with Mommy.
Getting a little tired . . .
Just kidding!
Probably her second favorite thing was having one of us twirl her around in the water. This brought out the giggles for sure!
About halfway through our beach time, Natalie started telling us that she had to go potty, which she has started referring to as "hoo hoo." We have absolutely NO idea where she got this word (previously it was "poo poo," no matter what she thought she had to do). So she just keeps repeating "hoo hoo" over and over. Brad walked over to the rental stand to ask where the nearest public restroom was. They pointed WAY over in the distance. He came back over to tell me where they were headed, and Natalie's poor little eyes could hardly stay open, she was getting SO tired. She still kept repeating "hoo hoo" over and over, eyes 3/4 closed. So they were off on their little trek. When they reached their destination, Brad set her on the potty, and she kind of slumped to the side, basically asleep. She was totally right about her need for the potty though - let's just say she had a big potty success - about 1/2 asleep. She fell totally asleep on his shoulder during their walk back to our umbrella. He laid her out on a chair, and she stayed asleep. She opened her eyes just a tiny bit, saw me, and started to giggle. It was so funny that I started laughing too. This got her a little riled up, but we decided to take a walk along the water, and she fell asleep in Brad's arms again very quickly. When we got back, we laid her out again, and she slept while we relaxed in the shade.

After the beach, we ate at Frenchy's on the beach with Mark and Carter. We had SUPER yummy "She Crab Soup" and their famous Grouper sandwich. Sooooo good!

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