3D Ultrasound Pics

***UPDATE: I am embarassed and even more disappointed that I just realized that the following pictures are not even 3D!!!!! We were seeing 3D images on the screen, but somehow, the printed pictures are 2D!!!! I think I will call on Monday to see if they can get me in again.***

Don't get too excited about these pictures. I had my 3D ultrasound at the Moore Norman Votech yesterday, and it was pretty much a bummer. It was really not anyone's fault - except Mollie's, I guess, and I really can't blame her for anything. ;) She was not in the traditional fetal position, she was basically folded in half, so her hands, legs, and feet were all in front of her face the entire time. She's quite limber! It only costs $10 for the students/instructors to do the ultrasounds there, so I really can't complain, but they book up really quickly and you have to schedule your appointment as soon as you find out you're pregnant, so this is something I've been excited about for MONTHS, and it just didn't work out. We were so excited to get to see her face, but we only got just a couple quick glimpses, and they didn't catch any good pictures of it, although they did try. I only got 5 pictures total, and 2 of them are absolutely not worth posting, but here are the ones that are semi-interesting:

Here's the ONLY shot with her face in it at all. I'm not sure how much a non-experienced person can tell from it without me being able to physically point to things, but her face is in the left center with her right hand in front of her mouth. Her tummy is in the lower right, and you can see an arm (maybe an leg?) next to the left (top in this pic) side of her face.
This is what we saw the most of during the visit - her legs. :) Her face is in there right behind her feet, but you can't see it at all.
And here's her little foot.
So, in conclusion, I can tell you that I think she has a really sweet face from the few glimpses I got, and maybe she resembles Natalie, but it's so hard to tell. I wish we had more to share! Her appearance will still be almost as much of a mystery on her birthday!

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