Chocolate Cake

I just put this chocolate cake into the oven, and I'm so excited that I'm already going to post the recipe even though I haven't actually tasted it yet! I found the recipe a long time ago and have been planning to make it for Mother's Day. Sheila made it a couple of weeks ago and said that it was super yummy, so that makes me all the more anxious to have some! It really was easy since you start with a boxed cake mix and then add a ton of stuff to it. I'm using cool whip instead of buttercream frosting, since we're not huge fans of buttercream. Plus, a cold chocolate cake with cool whip frosting just sounds perfect for a warm day!

Here's a picture of my cake! It was really good, but I think ours was a bit overdone - definitely don't cook it too long - maybe take it out even if you think it might need a couple more minutes!

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  1. great photo of your cake:) tasted great too!