Makin' Pizza

Today I decided to make homemade pizza for lunch. Natalie "helped" me make one a few weeks ago and seemed to really enjoy it. Well, today something went wrong with my dough. Not just a little wrong, horribly wrong. It's just a package, all you do is add water, and I've used it dozens of times, so I have no clue what went wrong, but Mommy proceeded to make a mess. Natalie was very intrigued by this messy, wet dough and my attempt to add flour to dry it out and make it more like dough than like soup. Natalie was into the flour, the dough, the napkins, everything. She kept putting flour in her mouth, and I'm not sure why because I can't imagine that it tasted good at all.

We (I) finally got the dough situated on the pizza stone, and it was Natalie's FAVORITE part - putting the good stuff on the pizza. She loves tasting the sauce, the cheese (I had to give her her own little pile to keep her hands off the pizza), and surprisingly, the pepperoni! She could not get enough of it! I took some really fast pictures while we were cooking. :) Luckily, she had a bath right before we started, and I didn't plan on serving the pizza to anyone but the three of us!


  1. nice to see that she knows how to "get into her work" :) pics are ADORABLE!!

  2. You both did a great job on the pizza! It was delicious. Natalie's foot-kneading technique proved to be quite effective, and she did a good job making sure that only the finest quality toppings made it to the pizza. Excellent taste testing on her part!