We had a great Easter yesterday. It was a long day, but lots of fun. We headed out pretty early Sunday morning and met most of the family at Gram & Opa's church. Natalie did so great in the service - she's used to going to LifeKids while we attend church, so sitting through a regular church service is totally foreign to her. Aunt Kimme was a big help in keeping Natalie occupied, and she seemed to take her cue from us and whenever she talked, she whispered. :) We spent the rest of the day at Nonny & Poppy's.

Mommy & Nat in the middle of getting ready. Isn't her dress soooo pretty? Mammy & Pappy sent it to her!
Opening her Easter basket from Mommy & Daddy.
This chick straw bottle was her favorite thing. She carried it around and drank water out of it alllll day long.
The ears she didn't care for so much. Aunt Kimme wore them most of the day.Eating cool whip leftovers from the yummy strawberry trifle that Mommy, Kimme, and Nonny put together.
Having fun with Gram.
Playing with Josh, Carolyn, & Gavin (who was trying on his birthday present from Kimme - a batman mask!).
Finally, naptime. She slept HARD.


  1. your pics are adorable..so is your baby :) so glad you guys were here :)

  2. Natalie looked so sweet in her dress!

  3. My mom got Brooke a bunny cup just like Natalies duck cup. Brooke is constantly asking for her "bunny dink."