At the Zoo

Monday, we went to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo with Mark, Becky, & Carter. It's a really nice zoo, and luckily, I checked it out and it's part of the "Zoo Friends" network and we got in for 50% off because of our OKC Zoo pass. Our pass only cost me $35 and we saved $20 at the Tampa Zoo alone, so it's already more than paid for itself. Yay! Anyway, it's a cool zoo with lots of interactive things. We got there a little later than we'd anticipated and were too worn out to go to the special children's area, but the kids really enjoyed the rest of the zoo, and I don't think that Natalie could have made it one more minute without totally crashing!

Watching the baby Orangutan. He was sooooooo adorable! Natalie kept saying, "Hi Baby!" to him.
They have a place where you can feed the Lorikeets, and they will perch on you! Natalie did NOT know what to think about them, but Carter had a blast with it.
Telling the penguins "hi" - and notice the water (mah-neh) bottle she was totally attached too. ;)
They also have a place where you can feed the giraffes. Natalie wasn't too thrilled about being SO close to them - they are HUGE! Carter fed him some crackers though. Their tongues are sooo long!
Just playing around. In third picture here, she's actually attempting to climb in with . . . skunks. Although I don't even think she saw the skunks, it just looked like a great opportunity to climb.
Watching the big fish in the aquarium with Daddy.
Another interactive thing - you could buy fish and feed the stingrays or just touch them. Carter fed some, and they got really excited. Natalie did touch one, but that was it for her. Every time Brad tried to lean her closer to them after that, she backed WAY off. It was really neat to see them, but they almost moved too fast for me to catch them well on camera since it was shady where they were.
Cooling off in the shade at the end of the day with her "mah-neh."

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  1. so many adorable pics :) Ms Nat looks sweet in that dress! :) well, she looks sweet all the time ;)