Mmm...Chicken Enchiladas

OK here's another recipe post. :) I found a new recipe blog - Kevin & Amanda's Recipes, and I made these Creamy Chicken Enchiladas for dinner and they are seriously the best enchiladas I've ever made and possibly ever eaten. They were actually really simple, too. I made a whole batch and instead of baking them all, I'm freezing half of them and freezing half of the cheese and cream separately so the tortillas don't get soggy. Oh, and I used a Colby/Jack shredded mix because I was too lazy today to grate the cheese myself and our Wal-Mart doesn't sell plain Monterey Jack already grated. They were still awesome, but I would probably prefer the plain Jack cheese if you have the energy to grate it (or if your store has it already shredded). :)

Here's a picture from her site (I didn't take pics of ours, but they actually looked exactly like this):

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  1. I'm going to try to make these tonight. They look so good! I checked out the blogsite and printed off more of their recipes. Thanks for sharing!