Zoo Day with Daddy

Friday was Brad's day off to stay home with Natalie, and he decided to take her to the zoo. He (wisely!) didn't tell her that's where they were going until after they were all ready to go and he was putting her shoes on. Once he had her ready, he sat down to put his shoes on. When he looked up, Natalie was standing at the door with a sandbox shovel and a cup, saying "Zoo! Zoo!" She was prepared! We're not totally sure for what, but she was prepared and excited to go to the zoo.

She was happily anticipating their trip until Brad tried to put her in the car. She got really upset and was crying that she wanted to go to the zoo. I guess in her mind, that was right outside and shouldn't involve a car trip. That's weird, though, because whenever Katie takes the girls, they definitely have a drive before they reach the zoo!

So, she was upset for a little while, and then zonked out in the car. When Brad put her in the stroller, she was still half asleep. Then as they were halfway through the parking lot, she realized where she was and starting saying, "Zoo! Zoo!"

She especially enjoyed the zebras and giraffes, but her favorite animal during this trip was the cougar. She kept excitedly calling him "Kitty!" and pointing at him. Brad got some cute pictures that I posted below.

Not too long after that, Natalie got sunscreen in her eyes and they had to make a stop to try to alleviate that. Luckily, after lots of wipes and cleaning, it started to get a lot better and they were able to finish their morning outing and then meet me for lunch. Natalie was excited to tell me about the zebras, but I guess the excitement of the "kitty" had worn off, because the only thing she could remember then was the zebras. :)

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