Another Day at the Splash Pad

We went to the splash pad again today with Katie, Brooke, Elisabeth, Aiden, and Nikki, Nathan, and Aaron. Natalie still didn't really get in the water all by herself, but I think she spent more time in the water this time. She seems to think the water is cold, but if she'd just let herself get totally wet, I think she'd enjoy it more. Anyway, she has lots of fun watching the other kids. Aiden and Brooke have a blast getting themselves totally soaked! It's pretty cute.

All ready to go in her new swimsuit.

Watching Aiden having fun getting soaked.

Elisabeth trying to get Natalie to play.

Playing in the water with Brooke - finally!
Brooke was having fun sitting ON the sprinkler - and Natalie was trying to get her to stand up! :)
Enjoying the water and trying not to get too wet at the same time. :)

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  1. adorable pics :) THE FIRST ONE IS WAY WAY BEYOND CUTE!!! :)